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Multiboard is a range of strong, environment-friendly, value-for-money packaging boards that have been developed for creative, functional packaging solutions.

Strong Nordic fibres make Multiboard one of the strongest recycled cartonboard grades. You are invited to try our strength!

The fact that Multiboard is manufactured from 100% recycled fibre brings clear environmental benefits, in line with modern requirements for a sustainable society.

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The benefits of Multiboard

Multiboard is Europe’s strongest recovered fibre board

Fiskeby is the only recovered fibre-based board mill in Scandinavia, as such we have access to extremely high-quality fibre. Multiboard can often be selected with the same or lower density than other board qualities while still achieving the desired stackability.


High compressive strength in the finished packaging product

Good packaging products have to be handled throughout the entire distribution chain while retaining their stability and shape. Stackability requirements are one important factor when selecting board quality. Multiboard’s multi-layer design and its fibre composition provide a high level of compressive strength and very good stackability in the finished packaging product.

High workability creates increased cost-efficiency

Multiboard withstands powerful, repeated folding without splitting or wearing. The layer composition is broken (delaminated) in a well-defined line. This, combined with a high level of layer integrity and rigidity, gives Multiboard a very high performance in both printing and packaging lines.



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Technical specification

Here you can download technical specifications for Multiboard.

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