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Posted 2016-04-08

A good start for Fiskeby´s biogas plant

Fiskeby´s biogas plant converts cellulose and starch in the paper recycling waste water to high-quality methane.

The plant started in August 2015 and has been running well since the start. The waste water is particularly well suited for gas production.

The heart of the biogas plant is the IC reactor containing a fixed bed of gas-producing bacterial sludge pellets, called granules. These convert cellulose residues in the process waste water to climate neutral gas.

It is important to nurture the bacterial sludge culture well for conversion to work well. We can conclude that we have such a strong growth of high quality bacterial sludge that we can even sell parts of our sludge to other fledgling biogas plants around the world.

Fiskeby´s biogas plant thus creates several values ​​from the process waste water. Partly in the form of the energy contained in the biogas, partly by offloading the existing water treatment plant and finally by helping other biogas plants with sludge.


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