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Posted 2016-03-16

Do you know this about water at Fiskeby?

Lots of water is required in order to produce cartonboard. At the beginning of the board machine, the proportion of water in the pulp is as high as 99%. Finished board consists of 7% of water.  The water is purified in several steps at Fiskeby. In the first step, the mill's wastewater is purified in our new biogas plant. During the process remains of cellulose from the recycling of cartonboard become nutrients for anaerobic (oxygen-free) bacteria in the new biogas plant and climate neutral gas is being produced. In step two, the water is finally purified in our aerated waste water treatment plant.

New water also need to be supplied to the water cycle at Fiskeby. We get fresh water from the next door river, Motala Ström. About 5% of the water volume is replaced with fresh water every hour.

95% of the water used in cartonboard production in the EU is reused. Source: CEPI





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